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David Hitchcock Limited is a private limited company, 

registered in England and Wales, registered no. 5814975

A Bit About The Boss

David Hitchcock has been a practicing ergonomics and safety consultant since 1986.  He is a Chartered member of both the Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF) and the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH).  He is also a Fellow of CIEHF ad a Registered European Ergonomist (CREE).

About David Hitchcock Limited

David Hitchcock Limited provides three types of service:


Clients sometimes ask us to provide input before a solution is identified - to ensure the correct questions are being asked and the relevant factors considered. 

On other occasions, we work alongside the designers or management team as solutions are developed and tested – to help make sure they hit the spot.  

We are also called in when things have unfortunately gone wrong to help identify improvements or changes which will be effective and acceptable.

Our policy for consultancy work is simple.  We are happy to go the extra mile to get things right, but we only charge for the stuff that is necessary to achieve the results required by the stakeholders – no more, no less – on time and to budget.  We never ride the consultancy gravy train and we get on with people!  As a result we maintain very good client relationships and enjoy repeat business and referrals.

Examples of our consultancy work can be found by clicking here for ergonomics, here for health and safety or here for user response.


David conducts most of the training himself.  He has developed a reputation for delivering sessions which are both informative and inspirational.  His style is relaxed and enjoyable without missing the message.  His training and teaching spans:

• Academic (David is a visiting lecturer, supervisor, examiner and module leader for undergraduates and postgraduates at Loughborough and Birmingham Universities).

• Courses (typically anything between ½-day and 5-days).

• Master Classes

• Seminars

• Workshops

Examples of training delivered by David include:

• Airport Terminal Design 

• Awareness of Human Risk

• Conducting Research in Disability and Disadvantage

• Ergonomics and Risk in Utility Supplies

• Ergonomics and Safety for the Rail Industry 

• Ergonomics of Ageing 

• Ergonomics of Simulation

• Ergonomics for Occupational Psychologists

• Ergonomics in Manufacturing 

• Fitness for Purpose of Equipment Design & Selection

• Health and Safety Management

• Human Factors in Design 

• Inclusive Design 

• Manual Handling

• Musculoskeletal Risks and Management 

• Occupational Ergonomics, Safety & Performance

• People Factors in Safety

• Risk Assessment 

• Where Ergonomics Has Been & Where It's Going


We may need to conduct research quickly in order to generate data and information to help clients as they progress through a commercial project.  Examples of this type of research include:

• Identifying the causal agents in information campaigns.

• Impact of inclusivity factors on novel designs.

• User surveys of usability and acceptance.

More often than not, our research is of a longer-term nature, addressing fundamental questions or investigating hypotheses to contribute to a general knowledge base.  These projects are sometimes conducted collaboratively with other research groups.  Specific examples of research projects that David Hitchcock has been involved with include:

• Appraisal of an of an online occupational guidance tool.

• Assessment of the influence of back care media.

• Development of a disability equality and awareness training framework for transport staff.

• Evaluation of an instrument to match abilities with job requirements.

• Health and safety perceptions in the quarry industry.

• UK survey of occupied wheelchairs and scooters.