User Response

Our User Response services have developed in response to clients requesting a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding user needs and identifying the factors which need attention to improve take-up, acceptability, desirability and usability of a system or product.  These are sometimes referred to as ‘soft factors’ or ‘psychosocial factors’ – those aspects of a design which may sometimes seem somewhat intangible but which can actually make or break the design.

In determining user response, we typically draw on a combination of:

Ergonomics measurement

Interviews, focus groups and survey

Mystery shopping

Usability testing

These services are most often used by clients as part of pilot programmes involving the use of new designs of equipment, facilities, products, software or systems.  In other words, assessing the potential success or shortfalls before a big roll out or commitment.

We have developed an approach called ‘FFP Score’ which can be used throughout a design or supply cycle to consider user response.  FFP Score is adjusted and modified to meet specific project and stakeholder needs.  To see how it can be used in its entirety, click on the logo below to view a case study of using FFP Score in the assessment and development of an interactive information kiosk.

A detailed case-study of the application of FFP Score can be found in the book 

'Human Factors and Ergonomics in Consumer Product Design'

Hitchcock, D., O'Malley, J., and Rogerson, P.. (2011). Design and Development of an Interactive Kiosk for Customers of Jobcentre Plus. In: Karwoski, W., Soares, M., Stanton, N.

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